Jackpot Games

Terms and Conditions of Playing Bingo

1. Non depositing players will not be permitted to play ‘Jackpot Games’.

2. As soon as the Caller begins to announce a number, it is deemed called.

3. Bingo is played in "Autoplay" mode, whereby a claim is made by our servers on your behalf if you have any tickets or boards in play and you will be notified of winning any prize.

4. Where more than one game is played on the same ticket, the 2nd game cannot be won until the first game has ended and at least 1 further number has been called.

5. Ticket sharing and/or prize sharing arrangements are not recognised or permitted.

6. The purchase of all cards is final.

7. Terms and Conditions for Free Bingo - No advanced purchases. Players must have at least 1p in their account. You must be a depositing player to be able to withdraw any winnings on free bingo and your deposit must be wagered at least once.

8. If more than one player claims the prize, the prize will be divided equally.

9. In the event of a malfunction which prohibits the continuation of a game in progress, the game will be cancelled and all purchases refunded to customer accounts.

10. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the Duty Manager is final.

11. Bingo Bonus money has a playthrough requirement of 4 times.

12. In all bingo rooms the Return to Player (RTP) is set at 64%, for example in 90 ball bingo, the payout is, 40% to the Full House, 16% for 2 Lines and 8% for 1 line. In the Studio 1 Bingo Room, where the games have fixed prizes the RTP can vary, as the prizes are fixed before any tickets are purchased. However, the games are targeted to be approximately 64% RTP and the fixed prizes are changed periodically up or down depending on trends to get as close to that percentage as possible.

13. Jackpot Game Rules:

a. Network Partner Progressive Jackpot-Seed Contribution means the sum paid by Bingo Network to provide their players with access to any Seeded Progressive Jackpot.
b. Network Promotional Events are Network-wide events organised and managed by Network for the sole purpose of enriching the game-play experience of all Players in the networked environment.
c. Purchasing a ticket or tickets in a specific game with a progressive jackpot makes you eligible to win the Progressive Jackpot for that instance of the game.
d. Multiple wins in one game instance will result in the equal distribution of the Jackpot to each ticket that qualifies as a winner.
e. Every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure that the progressive value displayed in the game matches the value on the game server. Please note that it is the progressive value on the server that is used when the progressive is paid out. A small discrepancy may arise due to network communication delays between the Game Server and the Players Progressive Jackpot display. All progressive winnings will be subject to final confirmation by the Jackpot Operator.
f. Progressive Jackpot means a cash prize, which grows progressively as people make cash wagers on designated contributing games. For each wager staked, the system automatically adds a small credit to the running Progressive Jackpot total. These contributions from player's cash wagering activity will only be from players participating in games where it is possible to win the specific Progressive Jackpot assigned to those games. The Progressive Jackpot is won when a player's gaming activity meets certain pre-set conditions, such as a full-house bingo ticket being achieved in less than a certain number of calls.
g. Seeded Progressive Jackpot means a Progressive Jackpot that is pre-funded by participating Network Partners so that it does not start at £0 (zero).
h. Progressive Jackpots can be shut down without notice. In the case where a progressive jackpot is not won, the accumulated Jackpot value will be applied to future progressive Jackpots.
i. Promotional Jackpots run for the length of the specific promotion, or until the Promotional Jackpot is won, whichever comes first. In the case where a promotional jackpot is not won, the accumulated Jackpot value will be applied to future promotional Jackpots.
j. Only depositing players will be eligible to participate in Jackpot games.

14. All Bingo is currently played using GBP (£), if your account is in any other currency, for example, a EUR (€) account, upon accessing the game, your balance will be converted to GBP.

*Terms and Conditions last updated on 31st August 2016 (version 1.5)

English Terms & Conditions always take priority