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Blackjack Classic

RTP: 99.59

Placing Bets

The Blackjack Classic Touch betting system makes it easy for the

player to place and remove their bets. The player taps the desired

chip to place the bet. Repeated taps increase the bet by the value

of the selected chip; the player sees the coins stack up, and the

total value displayed above the chips increases accordingly.

To remove the latest bet, the player taps the clear button. To

double the bet, the player taps the Double button.



Players select the chip value (default 1, 5, and 10) and place their

bets on 1 to 3 hands.

Players tap the Deal button and the game dealer automatically

deals the first two cards for each Blackjack hand.

Depending on the stage in the game they can deal, draw, hit,

stand, split, double, take even money, or buy insurance.

After the player decides to Stand, the dealer's result is displayed

above the cards. The chips are then collected or distributed

according to the payout rules.

Before the next game round starts, the player is given the options

to either Rebet or place a New Bet.


Double and Split

During gameplay the player will also have the opportunity to

increase the stakes by splitting or doubling according to the game

rules. Doubling will double the player’s initial bet, while splitting

allows the player to split two cards of equal rank into two new


When the possibility for a split or double is present, the player

simply answers by tapping the Yes or No button to accept or


Insurance and Even Money

Blackjack Classic Touch™ also offers players an insurance when

the dealer’s visible card is an Ace. Insurance comes at a cost of

half the original bet. The game also gives an option of even

money when the dealer's visible card is an Ace and the player has

a Blackjack.

When an option for insurance or even money is present, the

player simply answers by tapping Yes or No to accept or decline.

Payout Summary


? Blackjack: 99.59%


? Default: 12000

? Certified: 120000

If a 10-value card, that is, the number 10 card of any suit or a king, queen or

jack, plus an ace is initially dealt in any hand, it is considered Blackjack.

Blackjack pays 3:2.

Blackjack beats all other hands with a value of 21, except a Blackjack.

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