Jackpot Games


Please view the schedule below for all your daily bingo games:

7 Days a Week (Hosted 9:00am-12:00am):


Hourly Schedule

0:00am-1:00am 5p Bingo
1:00am-2:00am 5p Bingo
2:00am-9:00am 5p Bingo
9:00am-10:00am 3p Bingo - £1/£3/£7
10:00am-10:56am 5p Bingo - £3/£5/£10
10:56am-11:00am 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£25 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
11:00am-12:00pm 7p Bingo - £4/£6/£12
12:00pm-12:56pm 5p Bingo - £3/£5/£10
12:56pm-1:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£25 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
1:00pm-1:56pm 4p Bingo - £3/£6/£15
1:56pm-2:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£25 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
2:00pm-2:56pm 4p Bingo - £3/£6/£15
2:56pm-3:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£25 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
3:00pm-3:56pm 8p Bingo - £3/£12/£30
3:56pm-4:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£25 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
4:00pm-4:56pm 5p Bingo - £5/£10/£30
4:56pm-5:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£30 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
5:00pm-6:00pm 5p Bingo - £5/£5/£5 - TOURNAMENT BINGO (See Below)
6:00pm-6:55pm 5p Bingo - £5/£10/£30
6:55pm-7:00pm 25p Bingo - £8/£15/£90 - £500 FIXED -
Starting at 42 calls increasing once a week)
7:00pm-7:55pm 15p Bingo - £5/£10/£40
7:55pm-8:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£40 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
8:00pm-8:55pm 5p Bingo - £5/£10/£40
8:55pm-9:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£40 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
9:00pm-9:55pm 10p Bingo - £5/£10/£75
9:55pm-10:00pm 25p Bingo - £5/£10/£75 - GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
10:00pm-10:55pm 10p Bingo - £10/£20/£100
10:55pm-11:00pm 50p Bingo - £15/£30/£125 - £1000 FIXED -
Starting at 42 calls increasing once a week
11:00pm-11:56pm 5p Bingo - £5/£10/£30
11:56am-12:00am 99p Bingo - £30/£45/£250 - £2000 COMMUNITY SHARED JACKPOT -
Starting at 42 calls increasing once a week

Gold, Silver, Bronze Jackpots - Share Your Luck!

We have now changed our Gold, Silver, Bronze Jackpot games; the Silver and Bronze Jackpots remain the same – if you win you receive all of the Jackpot value.  If you are the lucky winner of the Gold Jackpot you will receive 50% of the Jackpot value, all the other players who have purchased a minimum of 1 ticket in the Jackpot game will receive an equal share of the remaining Gold Jackpot value. Between the hours of 9am and Midnight the prizes are fixed regardless of the number of tickets purchased. Outside these hours, the prizes are pool based on the number of tickets purchased

Community Shared Jackpot - Where Everyone is a Winner!

Share your Luck with our brand new £2000 Community Shared Jackpot in Studio 1 every day from 11.56pm- 12:00am. Tickets 99p - £30/£45/£250.If you are the lucky winner you will receive £1000 and all other players who participated in the winning Jackpot Game will receive an equal share of the remaining £1000 Jackpot. You only need 1 ticket to be in the game! 

11am and 5pm The Tournament Hour

11am (min spend £3): £25 / £15 / £10 (Bingo Bonus).
5pm (min spend  £7): 1st prize £70; 2nd prize £40; 3rd prize £30 and 4th prize £15.
(Bonus funds if tickets are bought with bonus money for the hour, funded only players qualify). £3 or £7 to join in and play 90 number triple chance bingo for the whole hour! At the end of the hour we will add up and find the top winners of the hour.

Refer A Friend

Send an email to promos@livebingocentral.com with your username and your friends' name and email address on and we will give you £10 into your 'bonus' account for every friend that makes a deposit with us. Your friend must deposit a minumum of £20.

*You must provide us with details of the friend/s you are referring before they register and deposit with us. Terms and Conditions Apply.

*Family members are excluded from refer a friend.

*Applies to first deposit only.

*Funds must be unlocked in accordance to rollover bonus terms and conditions.